What People Say About Gail

Gentry S. Klein
Westport, CT 06880

To Whom It May Concern:

I am extremely honored to write a letter of recommendation for Gail Zawacki.  Gail was our real estate agent in connection with the purchase of our home at 12 Woodcock Lane in Westport, CT.

This transaction was a short sale, which was extremely complex as it obligated us to negotiate with not only the seller (and the seller’s advisors), but also two separate lien holders.  Both lien holders were significantly impaired.  Thus, the purchase of our home was no ordinary transaction, and Gail is no ordinary agent.

Over a period of nearly eight months, Gail served as the buy-side agent, sell-side agent, and key negotiator between the lien holders as well as several other interested parties.  While my wife and I were ready to give up several times due to delays, stress and fatigue, Gail was extremely committed and motivated day in and day out to ensure we reach a deal.

Gail went above and beyond the responsibilities of typical agents.  From reassuring the seller and the seller’s advisors that this transaction was optimal, to negotiating with the lien holders on an almost daily basis, and to keeping me apprised of all developments and helping craft a strategic plan to ensuring we were proceeding down the right path, Gail was the consummate agent and negotiator.  Gail did not skip a beat when the deal almost fell apart several times; instead, Gail put the pieces back together and made sure all parties were on sound footing while maintaining the spirit of the very difficult negotiations.

Ultimately, through Gail’s hard work, dedication, communication, ability to connect with people, and her business acumen, after nearly eight long months, we finally closed on the purchase of our home.  The seller was able to walk away with no liabilities or deficiencies, the lien holders received a satisfactory recovery, and my family was able to purchase the home of our dreams on very attractive terms.

I highly recommend Gail for any real estate transaction.  She is an incredibly gifted agent and person.  Gail is also extremely trustworthy and was constantly making sure that our interests were her highest priority.  My wife and I cannot thank Gail enough for all that she has done for our family since we began the process of buying our home.


Gentry S. Klein

“Efforts such as yours are the key to success of Coldwell Banker. You truly represent the “cream of the crop” and serve as inspiration to the rest of our team.”
- Kate Rossi, President, Operating Officer Connecticut/Westchester

“Congratulations on another spectacular year. You continue to be a part of our top 10 for Connecticut, ranking as an impressive #5. Your business is amazing, and you are truly one of the finest real estate professionals, bar none.”
- Peggy Doepper, President & Chief Operating Officer

“You are the best at this……you are one of the best agents I have ever seen on a listing presentation and I’m talking country wide.”
- Lisa Passavant, Regional Vice President, Peviews Luxury Home Division and Manager Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage and Coldwell Banker, Westport

“Gail’s extensive experience in the business plus her extraordinary commitment to service have contributed to her success.”
- John Coburn/ Manager of Coldwell Banker

“From the first moment of our “house-hunting” until the closing, we have been impressed with Gail’s professionalism, courtesy and patience. She always had answers to our questions and was well prepared and never late to our appointments … and even helped us find an excellent attorney and helpful mortgage broker. However, what I found most surprising, was the help and assistance provided after the closing. We are very happy we made our choice and would have no reservations whatsoever to tell other potential buyers of properties to retain Gail as their real estate counselor.”
- Michael and Ulla Hehenberger

“Gail is one person who delivered what was promised. She gave us a marketing plan, which detailed the advertising and marketing that she would do and fulfilled the representation that she made to us. She also held strategic open houses for her fellow brokers and the public. She was very imaginative and inventive in coming up with ways to expose our property to the widest range of people. Gail was indeed a pleasure to work with and we would certainly recommend her.”
- Gary and Joan Zimmerman

“Realizing our lifestyle and real estate needs, Gail showed us a 40-60 acre estate in Redding which we fell in love with and proceeded to tackle a very difficult negotiation to close on the property. I truly believe this deal would have never gotten off the ground if it hadn’t been for Gail. She kept things moving in a very determined and extremely professional manner. She keeps a positive disposition throughout the roller coaster of business dealings. I was so impressed with her hard work that I have given her complete control to sell my Weston home. I have the utmost confidence in her ability to do so.”
- Satisfied Clients

“We are very appreciative for all Gail did for us before, during and after the move. Gail is truly a first class person. Not only is she a truly and incredible Realtor but a wonderful woman. I feel privileged to have her as a new friend.”
- Patti and Alan Masarek

“ Gail played a pivotal role in helping us find and secure our dream home. She continually went beyond the call of duty by keeping us informed of home immediately upon listing showing us anything we wanted to see and literally constantly being available when we asked, during our long and often painstaking search for a home. Nothing was too much for Gail and through the entire search and difficult negotiation process. Gail was the quintessential professional. Having dealt with a number of residential agents, we can unequivocally say that Gail is the best agent we have encountered and we would never hesitate to use Gail again in the future.”
- Kristen and Eric Landis

“This is to say how we feel about Gail’s uncommon efforts to market our home … the many open houses for Realtors and the public she hosted, the advertising promotions she arranged, the many times she contacted other agents for follow up and how well she communicated with us. …Be assured we will recommend her to anyone we know. She has shown us a super effort.”
- Pauline and Elmer Wexler

“We have found Gail to be absolutely exceptional. She is, first of all always on the lookout for us. She lets us know immediately if anything we might be interested in comes up. If we have any questions at all about a property, she quickly gets the information, even if that means a lot of research on her part. When she imparts her research, it is remarkably thorough. She listens carefully when we discuss our real estate needs, and we really feel she has our best interest at heart. When we are confused, she helps us weigh the many options available, and she never gets overwhelmed by the complications of a transaction, even when we are. She is, incidentally, charming and delightful company, and always professional. We both hold Gail in the highest regard and would wholeheartedly recommend her to any client lucky enough to work with her.”
- Laurie Newbound and Mitchell Friedman

“The combination of Gail’s track record professional delivery and Coldwell’s reach both locally and nationwide led us to select them. The results speak for themselves. We sold our property in less than 4 month, at 90% of our asking price (list price $8,9m). We highly endorse and recommend Gail, her team and the entire Coldwell Banker operation.”
- Satisfied Clients

“…She was the most efficient and professional broker I’ve ever worked with.”
- Dave Leyrer